End of July Status + My Wishlist

I'm swamped with my daily work, so i didn't have time to write any blog post for the last three weeks, but i'm following Slackware's changelog daily. It's been an impressive changes for the past three weeks and here's some of the highlight:
  • vda support in liloconfig, useful for VMs used in QEMU
  • better handling for template strings in mkinitrd
  • many new default configurations in /etc/default
  • support for btrfs and ocfs2 have been added in the busybox/mkinitrd
  • hdri support is now added in ImageMagick
  • removal of idnkit (everything is now linked to libidn2)
  • libwebp is now included in the distribution
  • grayscale support in gdk-pixbuf2 has been restored
  • busybox update to 1.27.1
  • running latest LTS kernel: 4.9.40
Here's my wishlist for next Slackware:

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